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In 2005 this was Kerri Salls' virtual business school website to train, consult and coach small business CEO’s and entrepreneurs in 10 key strategies so they would have to tools and knowledge to make more profit in less time. The content below is from the site's 2005 archived pages.

Currently, Kerri Salls, Managing Director at This Way Out Group LLC, a boutique management consulting firm, is a thought leader creating a revolution in the exit planning field. To learn more go to:




You know how some business owners/CEOs and sole proprietors are consumed by the cumulative demands of sales, marketing, finance, personnel, or service requirements?

Which means that they are working long hours, and have no time for themselves or family; they're stressed about money and disillusioned about what it will take to make their business succeed.

We know the challenges they face, having experienced every one. Along the way, we developed proven workable solutions to break through them all.

Well, we offer a nationwide year-long program for owners/CEOs and their teams which means that we train, consult and coach them in 10 key strategies proven to create "More Profit in Less Time."

Clients benefit from a remarkable blend of more energy from working fewer hours, peace of mind about money, a balanced home life and a renewed passion for the work they love.


"....some business owners/CEOs and sole proprietors are consumed by the cumulative demands of sales, marketing, finance, personnel, or service requirements."
That is a statement I can totally relate to. I founded Nest Homeware in 2013 with a vision to make beautiful products that would last forever. It has been both an exhilarating, exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience. The design side of my business creating cast iron cookware ranging from braising pans, dutch ovens, egg pan to cast iron skillets has been a delight. My cookware is designed with ergonomics in mind, and it shows. The handle on my 9 inch skillet has been called the most comfortable available on a cast iron skillet, meticulously sculpted to fit both left and right hands. The handle design captures the gesture of a branch from a cherry tree, abstracted into a form that's pleasing to the eyes and the hands. The interiors of the cast iron cookware from Nest Homeware are machined smooth, which makes for not only an incredible cooking experience, but also for stunning looking cast iron pans.

Dealing with the manufacturing side has been really hard work since finding companies in the US that can cast and finish my cast iron products to the quality I want has been difficult. And then there is the enormous amount of sales work that is also required. Since I can't afford a sales rep, I have to be my own sales rep picking the best houseware shows where I can connect with companies who would want to sell my high end quality products. I also have to wear a webmaster hat, creating a website and its content and images, along with promoting my brand by posting on social media and listing reviews. I also have to season all my finished cast iron items once they are delivered to my studio/ shop in Providence, RI, and then package to drop ship orders. Sometimes I have some many obligations it feels overwhelming. Yet, it's so rewarding when I receive positive feed back from satisfied customers, making all the hours of work worth it.

However, in hindsight, it might be advantageous for me to consult some one such as Kerri Salls. At this point it is wishful thinking that I could even envision taking a 3 week vacation without my cell phone. But it might be helpful to design a long term strategic plan. However, I am too busy right now, getting ready for my next house ware show and completing orders!


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"The answer for me is very simple. You helped me with my decision to become a consultant. You gave me answers in a clear, concise, business manner, which is what I was looking for. I had done my homework with others and they ran fluff all over me. You gave me literature, answered my questions and let me know how you had made it work for you. You were honest, you gave me great ideas, you laid it out for me because you could understand from me that I needed the business break-down. I admired your integrity; as well as your interpersonal skills which were top-notch."

Kelly Axtell, Consultant, Chelmsford, Ma


As a small business owner specializing in functional street style spandex pants for savvy chic women, I needed the push to move to the next level. Your program gave me the confidence and tools to break through. I have just hired a local Baltimore moving company. They have been so helpful helping me plan this major move. These Baltimore movers packed & moved us to our new offices that will include a large airy studio for designing, a space for production, and a front office. I / we are all so excited. Thank you so much for your insights.

Trey Wilson, Designer, Baltimore Maryland

A Note From Kerri Salls

I can best describe what I do for a living by sharing with you a defining moment in my life back in 1990. I was a successful consultant for state-of-the-art technology companies; delivering superior technical documentation with a waiting list of clients.

At the time, my sons were ages 2 and 4. I was working 80 hour weeks and had sold my soul to the business. For the second year in a row, we did not get a family vacation, and because I had Monday morning deadlines I had to work through every single weekend that summer.

Clearly, this was not working?

I kept sputtering that I didn't have kids to have trophies. I wanted to raise my own kids. I saw three choices.

  • I could clone myself - I tried that - it didn't work.
  • I could burn myself out in the business and never see my family - which I was doing.
  • Or I could let go of the glorified serfdom of a 6 - digit consulting business and find a new career. I chose the latter.

That was a strategic turning point for me. Instead of focusing on the paper and the process as my deliverables, I expanded the business to provide situation-specific solutions. It was a strong match blending my MBA training, strategic visioning, and natural enthusiasm.

I found the most pleasure in my work and the most value to clients was in the direction and support I gave to small business owners and high tech startups in terms of vision, planning and problem-solving.

As a result, I am now dedicating the rest of my professional life to helping small technology CEOs to make more profit in less time. These leaders:

  • Are burnt out fighting fires & wearing too many hats in the business,
  • Need sharp selling skills and marketing innovations,
  • Recognize that procrastination paralyzes business.

I know the challenges they face, because I've experienced every one. Along the way, I developed proven workable solutions:

  1. to identify and break through barriers to success
  2. to handle building and running all aspects of the business
  3. to balance the long hours, stress about money, family life and time for yourself
  4. to grasp what it takes to succeed in business, which may be totally different from what you've been taught or experienced up to now.

Since 1999, I have been helping small business owners break through their own barriers to success.

My business now includes:

  • Savoring 12 weeks vacation spread throughout each year;
  • Enjoying 3-day weekends during the 40 weeks that I do work;
  • Coaching clients 3 full days each week via email and phone;
  • Focusing 1 full day each working week on developing my business;
  • Accelerated earnings:
    • to pay college tuitions without loans,
    • to invest for a worry-free future and
    • to contribute time and resources to my favorite charities
  • Doing only what I most love to do, which is training, writing and coaching. I work single-handed as a coach, while my support team handles "everything else". Together we maintain a high level of profitability.
  • Serving clients who rave about the exponential difference I make in their lives.

My Background:

  • MBA International Marketing & Operations Management; BA French Literature
  • 8 years product and department management
  • 7 years consulting to technology startups
  • 15 years commission-based outside sales and sales leadership
  • Founding member of the International Association of Coaches
  • Natural born coach

"I developed a professional relationship with you via a product sale 8 years ago. In a consultant, I look for honesty and integrity. I find selling any product is more than showmanship and fast talking. It is the accumulation of accurate data, honest presentation and response to Q & A. The marketing of a product should always be upfront and honest with the client. You want to make the sale but more important you want to make a customer for continued sales.

Kerri, your presentation and continued honest approach of what will or will not work for your customer has and will be appreciated. I can imagine you have been successful because of this methodology of marketing is more effective than just selling for the sake of making a sale.

Your positive approach to self, family, career and life is exhibited in how you presented the products and response to the demands clients place on their consultant.

To simply summarize: your honesty and integrity is why I have enjoyed your professional opinion and service."

Beth Faucher, President
EGF Accounting & Tax Service
Nashua, NH 03062-1433